The vocabulary-Building Club in Facebook is designed to help you expand your English vocabulary for research writing. Through social networking, the teacher can be a facilitator to monitor your learning process. After you share at least three vocabularies per week, you activate at least 50 words in one semester (3 x 18 weeks). You will also receive members’ vocabulary postings, about 400 words if there are 8 other classmates (50 x 8 peers).

  • Write to expand your active vocabulary (the words that you use).
  • Read to expand your passive vocabulary (the words that you understand but don’t use).

The rules of the Facebook Vocabulary-Building Project
(1) From September 23 to October 31, 2010, post your vocabulary at least 3 words per week,
When telling a word, please give its meaning, the context/sentence of the word, and its source.
Example of Ellen Song’s:
Def: I means the system or the process of putting things into various classes.
Ex: It is questions around the nature of that attention which currently occupy researchers and commentations in the field with a great deal of work concerned with the production of taxonomies of options for form-focused teac⋯⋯hing.
Ref: Burgess, J. & Etherington, S. (2002). Focus on grammatical form: Explicit or implicit? System 30, 433-458.

(2) From Week 7 (November 1), respond to peer's vocabulary at least 2 responses per week. Continue to tell at least a word a week.
When responding to others’ words, please mention "the exact vocabulary" instead of saying "this word". When you read or write the vocabulary again and again from more than 10 times, then you acquire the vocabulary in your long term memory.
Join Chao responds to Ellen Song: I don't know about the "proactive" approach. Could you specifically describe the "proactive" approach? Could you give examples of the "proactive" approach and the "reactive" approach?